Marcia Rockland: Julia you were a pleasure and you captured the evening beautifully. Thank you (7/23/2015, 12:00PM)
Barry Rockland: Great photos. Even I look good. (7/23/2015, 11:56AM)
Tom motyl: Very beautiful pictures. You definitely captured the love and joy felt that day. Thank you (7/21/2015, 4:28PM)
Tami motyl: Wow, beautiful pictures. You captured moments I didn't even notice that day, and I'm thrilled to see them. Thank you for helping us keep these loving memories. (7/21/2015, 4:21PM)
Jason: Amazing pics guys! (7/21/2015, 11:34AM)
Jillian Motyl Rockland: Wow Julia, these are amazing. Your photos capture so much love, happiness and beauty! We were so lucky to have you be a part of our day! (7/21/2015, 11:06AM)
Katie Leney: Gorg photos Jill! Loved the second dress! CONGRATS! (7/21/2015, 10:52AM)
John Alden: Congrats you two! Had a great time at the wedding. Pics are great. See you in October! (7/21/2015, 10:48AM)
Savannah: These photos really capture how amazing the day was! Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day! <3 S (7/21/2015, 10:47AM)
Mike Rockland: The photos look awesome!! (7/21/2015, 10:22AM)
Megan: Ahhh Jilly awesome photos you look beautiful!! (7/21/2015, 10:06AM)
Mikey: Well done!!! (7/21/2015, 9:14AM)