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Category Tidbits for Entrepreneurs , Julia Jane Stock Photography Date June 24th, 2020

Side Hustle: Julia Jane Stock

“great things never came from comfort zones”

Start before you are ready. It seems so easy. But you guys, it took me 6 years, a global shutdown, and weekly zoom meetings with friends to start before I was ready. I'm quite literally still not ready. But I did it. I did the thing I've been talking about since 2014. I am FINALLY selling stock photos! And today, I sold my first piece! 

I don't have a pretty website. I'm not quite sure what my goal is. But it's out there. It's on etsy. And I SOLD SOMETHING! :)

So my advice to you? JUST. START. that thing that you've been thinking about. Put it out there. Say it to a friend. Ask that friend to hound you.

I've been having weekly zoom meetings with some photo friends. One of my friends moderates our zoom meetings and sends out reminder emails. We have all been meeting our goals and in most cases, exceeding them. All thanks to our goal setting meetings and those kind but firm reminder emails about our "homework."

Are you a creativepreneur wanting a side hustle? Are you a stay at home mom who wants to turn her passion into a business? A college student who wants extra spending money? Do it. Start today. Your future self will thank you. Do that thing that makes your soul happy. You'll be glad you did. I promise.


See my version of start before you're ready here! 

I can't wait to add some styled office stock to the shop by the end of the week!

Now, what are you going to do today that your future self will thank you for? (JUST DO IT!)


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