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Dear Dad:
A letter to my dad on father's day

“My father gave me my dreams, thanks to him I could see a future”

Dear Dad, 

Do you ever look back at old photos and wish you could be there?  Wish you could know the people in the photos when it was taken?  When I look back at old photos of you... I think, that guy looks pretty awesome, I want to be friends with that guy.  

And then I think, oh wait, I AM friends with that guy. Lucky me! 

But I'm getting ahead of myself.  Let's rewind for a second ok?

You taught me so many life lessons very early on. Like reading is important. (I still tilt my head just like that when I read) :)

And to always wear a helmet. Safety first. 

And you taught me that there's always time for good conversation and that what I had to say was important to you. (bonus lesson, Vitamin D is essential). 

And you taught me that you would love me when I was happy. 

And when I wasn't.  How's that for a face only a parent could love? 

And you taught me humility.  You have never once bragged that you were the inventor of the "stuff the baby into strange items" photography fad.  

But seriously, speaking of humility.  You really did teach me all about that.  Because you have a list of accomplishments under your belt that would make any sailor (or person for that matter) jealous. So readers, please forgive me while I brag about my dad (because he never brags about himself). 

Did you know that he was an All American Sailor in college AND a member of the 1980 Olympic sailing team? I don't actually have a picture of him to illustrate either point so I'm just going to post this one.  Because I think he looks like Tarzan... and who doesn't want Tarzan for a dad? Monsters under my bed didn't stand a chance against him :)

And he was in a Chapstick commercial... WHAT?!?

And while we're posting videos, remember 321 Contact? Yep, my dad did a segment on friction. (fast forward to the 3 minute mark to see a young Henry Bossett... or Bassett... it's totally no big deal that they didn't get his name right) :)

And while we were dancing together at my wedding he was being inducted in the BBYRA hall of fame and he had to miss the induction ceremony. We forgot to thank him and mention it at our wedding-  so now I am.  Dad, I'm so proud of you!! xo

Anyway, the point is, he's pretty awesome and very accomplished... and you can read about him here :) But at the end of the day, to me, he really is just my dad.  

And dad, you are really good at being a dad. :)

Go team Bossett! 

And gosh, softball.  How many hours, days, weekends did we spend playing softball?  And at the end of the day, even though I was quite good (if I do say so myself), you always taught me that sports were about life and NOT the other way around.  Thank you for always remembering what was important and NEVER making me feel pressure. And for giving me a secret decoder bracelet for my high school graduation. 

Because your mantra that helped me through softball games, was really so much more about life than I ever realized.  See The Ball Hit The Bat.  Plain and simple.  If you see the ball hit the bat, everything else will fall into place.  And it always does.  

So dad, this letter is getting really long.  So I think I am going to wrap it up now.  

Thank you for supporting me through thick and thin.  When I decided not to play softball anymore (and broke both our hearts), when I took my college degree, threw it out the window, and went into photography (and you just smiled and loaned me some lenses), and when we go out shooting together, and I TOTALLY get in your shot (and you're ok with it or at least pretend like you are). 

Have I mentioned my dad is an awesome photographer? No? Well he is! :)

You are always there. Always patient. And I'll always admire and respect that about you.  And let's be honest, you've put up with a lot over the years.  *ew* ;)

Thank you Dad, for being my friend.

Happy Father's Day! xo

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